Los Angeles’ circuit breaker resource! Bernard and Sons has been supplying Van Nuys and the greater Los Angeles area with quality new, refurbished, and obsolete circuit breakers since 1987.

Circuit Breakers

Circuit Breaker Experts!

Circuit breakers are what Bernard and Sons are known for, and we offer years of experience and a massive circuit breaker inventory, from current to obsolete brands and styles. We carry an extensive inventory of low voltage molded case breakers 15amp Square D QO breakers to 4000 amp General Electric TC4040 powerbreakers, and more.

We stock the following popular brands, and more: 

    • Zinsco Circuit Breakers 
    • Siemens Circuit Breakers 
    • ITE Circuit Breakers 
    • Bulldog Circuit Breakers 
    • Pushmatic Circuit Breakers 
    • Stab Lok Circuit Breakers 
    • American Circuit Breakers 
    • Murray Circuit Breakers 
    • Westinghouse Circuit Breakers 
    • Sylvania Circuit Breakers 
    • Crouse Hinds Circuit Breakers 
    • Thomas & Betts Circuit Breakers 


Industrial Circuit Breakers

Industrial circuit breakers are in stock for the large industrial users. Bernard and Sons carries the medium voltage breakers, including Westinghouse 150DHP500 to the GE retro fit VVC4.16-250-1H. We also have vacuum breakers, GE VBI (15,000volt and 5000 volt) or Westinghouse VCP. We also carry air breakers, including everything from the old ITE KC1600 and Westinghouse DB50 to the current styles, Siemens RL4000 and GE AKR-10D-50H breakers.

Replacement Circuit Breakers

Replacement circuit breakers with mounting kits are in stock, and Bernard and Sons also supplies complete systems from 4000amp mains with distribution breakers. Visit the Obsolete, hard-to-find circuit breakers and Reconditioned circuit breakers for more information.

Circuit Breaker Repair

Circuit breaker repair is available for most breakers. We have skilled and trained technicians who can answer any of your questions regarding specific models and turnaround time.  We test and certify our equipment with qualified testing machines and technicians.

New and reconditioned electrical equipment

We have a huge inventory of new and reconditioned electrical equipment and can help you find the right breaker for your application as well as hardware, transformers, buss plugs, motor controls, panels, switchgears and much more.

Bernard and Sons: No breaker is too small or too large!